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puncture resistance test iconPuncture Resistance Testing

Puncture resistance or strength, is the ability of a material, once pierced or nicked, to resist the progression of a tear. Typically a film, sheet or membrane is involved, and a probe or point characteristic of the situation tested for presented in compression, under constant speed and standard conditions. The reverse side of this test type is that a blade or point presented to a standardised material can be tested for sharpness. Products tested for puncture resistance include geomembranes, protective fabrics, packaging, or foodstuffs to be tested for ripeness.

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Puncture resistance test standards

  • ASTM D732 : shear strength of plastics by punch tool
  • ASTM D751 : coated fabrics
  • ASTM D4833 : index puncture resistance of geomembranes and related products
  • ASTM D5602 : static puncture resistance of roofing membrane specimens
  • ASTM D5635 : standard test method for dynamic puncture resistance of roofing membrane specimens
  • ASTM D5748 : protrusion puncture resistance of stretch wrap film
  • ASTM D6241 : static puncture strength of geotextiles and geotextile-related products using a 50-mm Probe
  • ASTM F1306 : slow rate penetration resistance of flexible barrier films and laminates
  • ASTM F1342 : protective clothing material resistance to puncture
  • ASTM F2132 : standard specification for puncture resistance of materials used in containers for discarded medical needles and other sharps
  • ASTM F2878 : standard test method for protective clothing material resistance to hypodermic needle puncture
  • BS EN 14477 : Packaging. Flexible packaging material. Determination of puncture resistance. Test methods
  • FEFCO 4-6,8,11,50,55 : introduction to the development of FEFCO testing methods for corrugated board and boxes
  • ISO 12236 : geosynthetics - static puncture test (CBR test)
  • ISO 3036 : board - determination of puncture resistance
  • TAPPI T803 : puncture test of container board

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