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This standard gives specifies the requirements and test methods for durability, strength, security and function of mechanically operated locks and latches for use in doors. Window doors and entrance doors in buildings.

Test Summary

The standard cover the classification of locks and latches for use with different types and categories of doors used in buildings. Many different tests are described including the torque to turn keys, the force necessary to close and resistance to side load on the latch or dead-bolt. Mecmesin can offer torque and force measuring instruments and bespoke fixturing to perform most of the tests in this standard.

Test Apparatus

The standard can be applied to many different locks and latches ranging widely in their use and duty requirements. Suitable bespoke fixturing will need to be considered for each of the tests and the locks to be tested.


Refer to the standard and the required annexes for details of the test to be performed and apparatus involved.

Mecmesin Test Equipment Required for BS EN 12209:2003

Force testing equipment

AFG Advanced force gauge. /advanced-force-gauge-afg

MultiTest force testing stands /computer-controlled-test-systems

Torque testing equipment
Tornado digital force tester: /tornado-torque-tester
Vortex computer controlled torque test system: /computer-controlled-torque-test-system

Special fixturing to your individual requirements. /customised-force-testing-applications

Please refer to the latest official BS EN 12209:2003 test standard for more detailed information. This overview is intended to provide a basic understanding of the test procedure and suitable equipment to meet the standard.

BS EN ISO 12209:2003 Building hardware – locks and latches – mechanically operated locks, latches and locking plates – requirements and methods

Custom engineering solutions for force & torque measurement

BS EN 12209 2003 testing locks and latches

MultiTest force testing stand

BS EN 12209 2003 testing locks and latches

Testing with the AFG

BS EN 12209 2003 testing locks and latches

Manual torque testing with Tornado

BS EN 12209 2003 testing locks and latches
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