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torque to turn test iconTorque to Turn Testers

Torque to turn is what it takes to overcome friction and inertia in a rotating system. Shafts held in bearings and bearings themselves are tested for breakaway torque and running torque. Breakaway torque is the turning force required to initiate rotation (similar to static friction), and running torque is the turning force required to keep a system in rotation (similar to kinetic friction). This will be proportional to the mass being rotated and its moment of inertia. By using a programmable torque tester a complete signature can be obtained to indicate lack of concentricity, ‘chattering’ and other potential problems.

Types of torque to turn test

  • breakaway (starting, or restraining) torque
  • running torque


Recommended Mecmesin Torque to Turn Testers




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