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closure torque test iconClosure Torque Testers

The application torque of closures must be controlled in order for the closures to perform properly in the field. Closures must be applied tight enough to maintain a seal and to resist closure back off, but must not be applied so tightly that the end user cannot remove the closure.

Closure torque or cap torque testing involves a range of tests for events designed into screw caps and unthreaded stoppers. It can include a measure of the turning force required to overcome safety features (e.g. child-resistance closures (CRC) Types I and II), tamper resistance, and to open, or to secure a twist cap or lid. 

Types of closure torque test

  • bridge torque (torque to break the bridges of a tamper-evident band eg. on ROPP closure)
  • incremental torque (torque measured in very small steps, usually when in contact with an internal seal)
  • removal torque.....  (torque to release the closure)
  • reverse ratchet torque..... (torque applied without downward axial force on a CRC)
  • strip torque ....... (torque to 'jump' or strip the thread)


Visit our new dedicated site for closure testing, focused on the specific requirements for the quality testing of all types of closures.


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