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Purpose-built test systems

Mecmesin's range of force and torque test equipment includes purpose-built test systems designed as solutions for specific test measurements.

Offering significant cost advantages and improved accuracy over standard systems that are combined with generic fixtures and grips, these testers utilise specialised engineering and fixturing, ensuring they comply with the quality, accuracy and standards required for Quality Control test measurements. Each system is sold with all fixtures and grips included.

Mecmesin is continuously developing new force and torque test solutions. To provide your test application requirements and gain further information about our developments in this area, please contact us on +44 (0) 1403 799979.

Increase Test Productivity with our Automated Test Systems




If you require test automation we have a solution for you. Designed to eliminate operator error, improve test consistency and reduce costs in time and labour, our torque test systems are combined with programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and customised material handling equipment to create automated bottle closure tester tailored to suit your specific test application.

Wine Cork Tester

BeverageOur dedicated test solution for measuring the release torque and extraction force of Champagne and still wine corks. Find out more

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