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Test Types

Mecmesin provides solutions for tests on products or materials that require measurement of a force to pull apart, push together, twist or turn. We divide these into broad test types as listed here. Some tests are best done with smaller instruments, some require our largest test stands, depending on the specimen to be tested, its size, shape and force required. These pages explain a little more about what is involved in each test type, and lead you to our suitable systems and instruments.

If you cannot find the information or specific detail you require, please call our experts, or request a callback and we will contact you.

As a leader in the design and manufacture of force and torque testing equipment, Mecmesin has a vast array of experience in test applications, used across a wide range of applications among quite diverse clients.


White Papers on Force and Torque Testing Applications

We are pleased to provide the following technical white papers to assist you in developing a better understanding of force and torque test applications. We will be continuing to add new material to this section, so please visit on a regular basis.

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Compression Testing Compressive Burst Testing Compressive Shear Testing
Compressive Burst
Compressive Shear
Flexure Bend Testing Penetration Resistance Testing Puncture Resistance Testing
Flexure / Bend
Penetration Resistance
Puncture Resistance
Top-load Crush Resistance Testing    
Top-load / Crush


Tensile Strength Testing Tear Resistance Testing Pull-off Pull-out Testing
Tensile Strength
Tear Resistance
Peel Adhesion Testing Lapshear Testing Coefficient of Friction Testing
Peel / Adhesion
Lap Shear
Coefficient of Friction (COF)


Closure Torque Testing Torque to Turn Testing Fastening Torque Testing
Closure Torque
Torque to Turn
Fastening Torque
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