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compression testing iconCompression Testers

Compression testing is a way of determining how something will react when it is squashed, or when a force is applied to it in compression. It is performed to:

  • Assess the strength of components e.g. automotive and aeronautical control switches, compression springs, bellows, keypads, package seals, PET containers, PVC / ABS pipes, solenoids etc.
  • Characterise the compressive properties of materials e.g. foam, metal, PET and other plastics and rubber
  • Assess the performance of products e.g. the expression force of a syringe or the load-displacement characteristics of a tennis ball

Types of test

  • break stress
  • compressibility and recovery
  • compressive deformation
  • compressive hardness
  • compressive strength
  • flat crush (FCT)
  • single pellet crush
  • ultimate compressive strength
  • pinch

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