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This standard gives specifies mechanical test for reclosable child resistant packaging systems


Test Summary

This standard gives instructions for the testing of moisture vapour transmission and spectral transmission of plastic containers. The tests are carried out by gravimetric analysis, and by light adsorption measured in a spectrophotometer. As part of the test, the plastic containers are required to be tightened to a specified closure torque. Mecmesin equipment can be used to apply the required closure torque.


Test Procedure

New, clean containers are fitted with closures which are closed and opened 30 times prior to testing. The container is then filled with a quantity of anhydrous desiccant, the closure is fitted to the specified torque, and the compete container accurately weighed. After storage in a humidity chamber for specified periods, the closed containers are weighed again at defined intervals. Moisture transmission is calculated form the difference in weight.


Test Apparatus

Suitable weighing equipment

Humidity chamber
Torque testing equipment



Refer to the standard and the required annexes for details of the test to be performed and apparatus involved.


Mecmesin Test Equipment Required for BS EN ISO 6789:2003

Hand operated force and torque gauges can be used. Alternatively motorised stands will provide superior repeatability and safeguard the operator against repetitive strain injury
Tornado digital torque tester
Vortex-xt motorised torque testing system


Please refer to the latest official USP test standard for more detailed information. This overview is intended to provide a basic understanding of the test procedure and suitable equipment to meet the standard.

USP US Pharmacopeilal Convention  General chapter <671> – containers –performance testing

USP 671 container performance testing

Vortex-xt motorised torque testing system

USP 671 container performance testing

Tornado digital torque tester

USP 671 container performance testing

Containers need to be closed and opened 30 times

USP 671 container performance testing

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