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tensile strength testing iconTensile Strength Testers

Tensile or tension testing is the application of uniaxial force to measure the performance of a test sample, up to the point of yield or breaking, whether sharp or gradual. In simple terms, it is pulling something apart in a straight line and seeing how it changes. Even where performance to ultimate failure is not required, characteristics of elongation, deformation and relaxation can be accurately recorded, as in elastomers and springs. The sample under test may be a material sample, or a manufactured product.

Tensile testing is an important part of design as well as quality control, for ensuring product safety and integrity, and is an essential part of testing consistency in manufacture and construction.

Types of test

  • elongation at break
  • pull-off / pull-out
  • tensile deformation
  • tensile strength

  • ultimate tensile strength
  • yield point



Download datasheet for 0.5-5 kN tensile testers

Download datasheet for 10-50 kN tensile testers



Recommended Mecmesin Tensile Strength Testers



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