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Test Summary

The standard describes the test methods and marking of hand torque tools. Both indicating and setting type torque tools are included. Permissible deviations from nominal values are given for the different types of hand torque tools. In addition to permitted deviations, the standard also covers an overloading test and an endurance test. Also included is a re-calibration procedure.

Test Procedure

Overloading test

‘Torque setting tools’ are set to 100% of their capacity, then operated at the nominal maximum torque three times in each direction. After the overloading test, the tool must still be within the tolerances specified.

Endurance test

Torque tool are cycled at maximum capacity (or nominal capacity for torque setting tools) for 5000 cycles in each direction at a rate of 5 – 10 cycles per minute. After the endurance test, the tool must still be within the tolerances specified.


The standard gives the procedure for re-calibrating the various indicating and torque setting tools.

Test Apparatus

Mecmesin’ s TSCC Torque Screwdriver Check Calibrator is a touch screen console driven motorised torque testing system than can be used with fixed adjustment torque screwdrivers. The system can be pre-programed to perform the overloading and endurance tests. It can also be used to conduct and document the re-calibration procedure.


The TSCC itself shall have a maximum uncertainty of measurement of ± 1% of the indicated value.


Each torque screwdriver can be individually identified - N.B. a bar-code reader can be added for automatic entry of serial numbers. The screwdriver is located in the lower mandrel and the torque sensor is lowered to engage the screwdriver drive adaptor. Pre-programed tests can be selected on the touch screen console, and are conducted automatically. All results are stored in the system, and they can also be exported to a house data-logging or SPC system. Printed or .pdf reports are also available

Mecmesin Test Equipment Required for BS EN ISO 6789:2003

TSCC Torque screwdriver check calibrator

Please refer to the latest official BS EN ISO 6789 test standard for more detailed information. This overview is intended to provide a basic understanding of the test procedure and suitable equipment to meet the standard.

This standard gives the performance standards for hand torque tools and a recalibration procedure

Torque Screwdriver Test System

BS EN ISO 6789:2003 hand torque tool

TSCC Torque Screwdriver Check Calibrator

BS EN ISO 6789:2003 hand torque tool

Fixed adjustment torque screwdrivers

BS EN ISO 6789:2003 hand torque tool

Individual result with “pass/fail” indication

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